Well .. it’s time I spilled the beans. I’m going to share my top 10 favorite places to shoot in Central Virginia!


#10 - Totier Creek Reservoir Park

Located in Scottsville Virignia, about 30 minutes from Charlottesville. This is a super quaint area. Perfect for those outdoorsy clients. To the left of these two, there’s a pretty busy river flowing down huge rocks. When the water is down, this is an ideal location for portraits. Just make sure your clients are up for adventure! I wouldn’t recommend taking small children or pregnant mamas.


#9- Quarker Run rd, Madison Virginia

Yeah, that’s exactly what you read. One of my favorite places to shoot in Madison County, Virginia .. is literally in the middle of the road. My mother actually grew up in the white house to the left as soon as you turn onto this road. I’ve spent the majority of my life on it headed up Blakey Ridge and into the park. It’s definitely one of my happy places and my clients have always enjoyed it. Just make sure you’re careful and cautious to not be in the way of oncoming traffic .. if you happen to see any! This tiny little city located in Madison, Virginia is tiny. Not a whole lot of people and if someone does pass by .. I guarantee you they’ll stop, wave, and smile.


#8 -Little Fork Episcopal Church Rixeyville Virginia 22737

Ahhh .. I have to give a previous client credit for this one. I was a little hesitant blindly driving an hour and a half to new location without having a clue of what to expect .. however I was NOT disappointed in the tiniest bit. A beautiful green field, lots of pretty trees, and tons of brick! A whole lot of potential for a photographer to get creative and tons of safe space for children to run wild.

Make sure you reach out to the church beforehand to gain permission before showing up!


#7 - The Bridges in Criglersville, Virginia

Keep an eye out when you’re exploring this small town, because there two gorgeous bridges right on the sides of the road. Make sure you’re careful and also respectful to those living on the other side of the bridge!


#6 - The River at Graves Mountain Lodge

This river is one of the best spots i’ve had the pleasure of using. It is extremely easy to get to, easy to find, and safe. The background is gorgeous and there typically isn’t a whole lot of people around other than the guests staying at the Lodge. Be sure to contact them before using, because there is a $25 photographer fee.


#5 - Sunnybrook Gospel Chapel, Criglersville Virginia

Well .. if you’ve been following me for the past 7 years, you know this location is one of my go to’s. I’ve photographed in Criglersville for many years and there’s a reason. It’s one of the best spots to get those killer backdrops of those blue ridge mountains we all love.


#4 - The Stairs @ Boars Head Resort Charlottesville Virginia

The stairs .. the greenery.. My love for this spot runs deep. I am absolutely obsessed. It’s not my top 1, but it is really darn close. You are guaranteed to get incredible images here. It’s a great location for families to sit or stand. It’s even ideal for individual portraits. Oh .. and the greatest part … Boars Head has granted 100% permission to photographers to use this space. Just make sure to be respectful and tag them on your social media!


#3 - Skyline Drive - Waynesboro, Virginia

Naturally the next three locations will be on Skyline .. but in order of which ones I believe have more potential. Although the Waynesboro entrance is absolutely gorgeous - it is limited. Unfortunately there are no rock overlooks located within a convenient drive from the main entrance. However, with what you lose with those big rocks clients love to pose on .. you gain with killer views. I do think that the views in Waynesboro are much prettier than top #2 .. but most clients prefer the big rocks offered in #2 ..


#2 - Franklin’s Cliff Skyline Drive

Franklin’s Cliff is hands down one of the most popular locations for my maternity clients. The dramatic rocks, the stunning sunsets. It is truly a dream. And nothing looks as pretty as a glowing mama standing in front of it. I typically have my clients enter through the Rt 33 entrance to get to this overlook - head towards Big Meadows, it’s one or two overlooks after you pass through.


#1 Pinnacles Overlook - Skyline Drive, Sperryville Virginia

Okay. Alright. Here we go. My go-to. My number 1. All day, everyday. This is where I would shoot.

This spot is simply incredible. The views, the stone wall that curves, the rocks. The walkways, the flowers. This location simply has it all. It’s safe for all ages. It’s perfect for couples, maternity, family, etc. I couldn’t recommend this spot more. For me personally I feel like it offers everything that the Waynesboro and Rt 33 entrances offer into one … there’s also a really incredible tunnel to photograph in front of when you’re headed back out.

I hope you all enjoyed my spill it all blog post! If we happen to run into each other at any of these spots - please say hi and introduce yourself ♥

xoxo, megan